Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top 100 of 2012 Countdown Part 8

Numbers 30 to 21

Are you having fun? Is this countdown fun? Fun is in the order as we resume our countdown at position #30.

30 - We Are Young by Fun: "We Are Young" is the breakout hit of 2012 for the group Fun. It is their most watched video on YouTube with more than 156 million views. The single peaked at #1 in the United States and many other countries throughout the world. The single 5x platinum in the U.S. selling more than 6 million copies. Here on my Weekly Top 20, it reached a respectable #3 for two weeks during its 12 week chart run. It's a good record, should have gone higher but did not.

29 - That Girl - Noisettes: The Noisettes are now a duo consisting of fiery female singer Shingai Shoniwa and guitarist Dan Smith. Their music is now filled with studio musicians. For 2012 they released two singles off their latest album Contact, which to me had very poor distribution in the U.S. which probably prevented "That Girl" from becoming a hit here. In the UK, "That Girl" got only as high as #87. On the Weekly Top 20, Noisettes got a #3 hit out this song.

28 - Ho Hey by The Lumineers - Probably the biggest hit by an indie band this year, the folk tinged rock group Lumineers reached the top of the alternative rock and indie charts with this song: "Ho Hey".

27 - Heart Attack by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Fronted by lead singer Mette Lindberg, Asteroids Galaxy Tour has been quite successful on Mel's Weekly Top 20 since 2008's "Around the Bend". This year they were back with 2 singles, "Major" which we covered back at number 51 and "Heart Attack", a #3 hit on the chart this spring. Unfortunately neither "Heart Attack" or "Major" managed to become major hits.

26 - Hang It Up by The Ting Tings - What we have here at songs #27 and #26 are two groups that first came to prominence by having their music featured on Apple iPod commercials. The Ting Tings did it with "Shut Up and Let Me Go" while Asteroids did that with "Around the Bend". Since that success The Ting Tings have been relegated to minor dance hit success with a string of songs that include "That's Not My Name", "Hands" and this one, "Hang It Up".

25 - Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding: At the end of the 2012 Top 100 chart tabulation period on December 23, Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" was stopped at the #2 position after spending 9 weeks climbing up the chart. On the December 30, 2012 Weekly Top 20, Goulding's single went to #1 but will not be counted as such for 2012 since the December 30 chart is the first one being used to calculate the 2013 Top 100 which won't be compiled until next December. So as the song title says, "anything could happen" and more than likely this song will be listed again for 2013 with its #1 status accounted for.

24 - Part of Me by Katy Perry: Katy Perry's Teenage Dream is an album that came in two flavors... the original release in 2010 that featured the hits "California Gurls," "Teenage Dream", "E.T.", "Last Friday Night" and "The One That Got Away" spawned two more hit singles after the album was re-released in January 2012 with additional tracks added. The single "Wide Awake" already appeared in this countdown at #48 and this one "Part of Me" which peaked at #2 this year, ends up at #24.

23 - When We Stand Together by Nickelback: Canadian rockers Nickelback scored a hit with "When We Stand Together" on the Weekly Top 20 as well as on other charts in the first half of 2012. Peaking at #2 for 2 weeks, the single racked up 12 total weeks on the chart to give it the 24th position for year end.

22 - Want U Back by Cher Lloyd - Cher Lloyd is a British singer who cut her chops in one of those X Factor shows but did not quite make it. She and some other singers did get a record contract. In 2012 she came out with this top 40 breakthrough hit which climbed to #2... Here is "Want You Back" complete with the "helicopter noise". Cute.

21 - Give Me All Your Luvin' by Madonna - 54-year-old Madonna has been in the music industry for decades. Every guy has probably lusted after her at some time or another. She came out with huge hits such as "Borderline", "Lucky Star", "Material Girl", "Like A Virgin" and "Papa Don't Preach". The trek of hit records continued from the 1980s to today.

In the 2000s, Madonna has managed to release with a hit song every few months. Her latest, "Give Me All Your Luvin'" made its debut during the 2012 NFL Super Bowl half time show on NBC TV. The appearance also featured Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. The single was released shortly after the performance where it became a top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hit. On my chart the song peaked at #2 and held that position for 4 weeks without making it to #1.

And there you go... songs #30 to #21. We just got the top 20 left and that comes tomorrow and on New Years Day. The entire Top 100 Hits of 2012 will also be revealed then. Stay tuned.

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