Radio M.I.U.

Welcome to the Radio M.I.U. Page

This is our streaming audio page. What is Radio M.I.U.? First it stands for Mel's Internet Universe (M.I.U.) which was and still is the name of my original old school website.

The site features a music section with a number of playlists some of which stream below on this page.

Most of the music fall into the pop/rock genre, with individual playlists of at least 10 songs or more featuring hits of specific years or genres.

You can listen to all the playlists of Radio M.I.U. by going to our main page. Otherwise you can listen to the streams from the selections below. All playlist channels stream for free. Some ads may interrupt play. But it is free.

Radio M.I.U. Playlist Channels
  • Classic Island Radio Hits
  • Top Star Hits of 1970
  • Top Star Hits of 1971
  • Top Star Hits of 1972
  • Disco Trekkin'
  • You Can Dance
  • Classic Rock Tracks
  • Rock as You Remember It
  • Rock of the 80s Again
  • Super Golden Oldies
  • Super Golden Oldies 2
  • Ten From the 1990s
  • Sonic Alternatives 1
  • Sonic Alternatives 2
  • Uncle Mel's Classic Country Tracks
  • Uncle Mel's Popular Standards

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