Top 100 Hits of 2022


THE TOP 100 HITS OF 2022
As compiled from Mel’s Current Top 20 Weekly Charts

CHART NOTES : 2022 - The Year That Was

Sometimes what was once popular at the beginning of the year and well liked by me, is no longer true at year’s end.

Such is the status of my #1 song of 2022:  Alesso and Katy Perry’s duet of “When I’m Gone” was a great hit for me at the beginning of 2022. The song made its debut on the Current Top 20 on January 21 and by February 4 it was #1 where it held the top spot for three consecutive weeks. The song was replaced at #1 by Oliver Tree’s quirky “Cowboys Don’t Cry” on February 24 before returning to #1 again on March 11 for another thee week run.

“When I’m Gone” is the only song on this past year’s top 20 to hold the #1 spot for 6 weeks in two three week spurts. Overall it was on the chart for a total of 19 weeks before calling off on May 19.

The #2 song should have been my #1 song of 2022. “Bones” by Imagine Dragons held the #1 spot for four consecutive weeks and was on the chart for 20 weeks. Three other songs held at #1 for 4 weeks, but compiled less than 20 weeks each of a total chart run.

Overall while two Imagine Dragons songs went to #1 this year, none of them made a serious impact on the mainstream pop charts. I thought both “Bones” and “Sharks” were outstanding songs for 2022.

Most of the songs on the top 10 for 2022 are not generally mainstream except for those by Adele and Taylor Swift. Songs by Vance Joy, Milky Chance, and Cannons are from the alternative rock/pop genre, while BLACKPINK’s “Shut Down” is a K-Pop song. “Thank God” by the duo of Kane & Katelyn Brown are from the country genre.

Overall I think at least half if not more than my chart are not from the mainstream pop stuff that were big on the Billboard Hot 100. Anyways, here is a few more breakdown stats:

Most Tracks on the Top 100

  • 7 - Ed Sheeran (2 as a duet)
  • 5 - Taylor Swift (1 as duet)
  • 4 - Elton John (all as a duet), The Linda Lindas
  • 3 - Adele, BLACKPINK, Cannons, Imagine Dragons

Longest stay @ #1 - Alesso & Katy Perry "When I'm Gone" - 6 non-consecutive weeks

Second longest stay @ #1 at 4 weeks each - 

  • Bones (Imagine Dragons)
  • Easy on Me (Adele)
  • Catalonia (Vance Joy)
  • Synchronize - (Milky Chance)
  • Shut Down - (BLACKPINK)
  • Anti-Hero (Taylor Swift)

Most weeks at #2 without going to #1 - As It Was (Harry Styles) - 4 weeks

Most Weeks on Top 20 - 29: Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)- Elton John &  Dua Lipa (carry over from 2021)

Number of carryover 2021 hits that made it to the 2022 Top 100: 7

Here now is the list of the Top 100 Hits of 2022. Following that are links to the Top 100 Hits YouTube and Spotify playlists. Enjoy!

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