Monday, January 30, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20 - January 29, 2012.

Yep, Red Solo Cup is #1 on the Weekly Top 20!

Mel's Weekly Top 20
Week of January 29, 2012.

This WeekTitleArtistLast Week
1Red Solo CupToby Keith3
2Someone Like YouAdele1
3The One That Got AwayKaty Perry6
4Big In Japan (Single Edit)Martin Solveig ft Dragonette & Idoling5
5It Will RainBruno Mars2
6Run For Your LifeMatt Cardle4
7The WalkMayer Hawthorne9
8Hang It UpThe Ting Tings10
9When We Stand TogetherNickelback12
11A Thousand YearsChristina Perri14
12Everybody TalksNeon Trees15
13StarlightMatt Cardle16
14Marry The NightLady GaGa7
15SweeterGavin DeGraw13
16Heart AttackThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour19
17Do It Our Way (Play)Alesha Dixon20
18MajorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour11
19Drive ByTrain--
20Simple SongThe Shins--


The goofiest song on the chart has made it to the top. Yes, Toby Keith's #1 country music hit "Red Solo Cup", a silly drinking song with an equally silly video, has climbed to the top... the pinnacle of popularity. Numero uno. Number 1 for this week on Mel's Weekly Top 20. Haven't heard a drinking song this funny since Hank Williams' "There a Tear in My Beer" and Don Ho's "Tiny Bubbles". This song is up there among "99 Bottles of Beer" as one of the funniest, and most memorable of drinking songs. A CMA in Toby Keith's future? Has he already won one? I certainly don't know.

By the way... I don't drink which makes this song way out of left field for me. Huh!

Elsewhere on the chart we see Katy Perry closing in on the top with her #3 record this week, "The One That Got Away". It's the follow-up to her immensely popular "Last Friday Night (TGIF)" hit single of last year which went to #2 on the year end Top 100 for 2011.

Nickelback's rocker "When We Stand Together" breaks into the top 10 this week at #9. It moves up from last week's #12 position. Good song. Should go higher.

Two song debut this week. At #19 we find the latest by Train called "Drive By". Entering at #20 this week are The Shins with "Simple Song". Both are great and should go high on this chart.

Songs That Went to #1 in 2012

Someone Like You - Adele
It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
Run For Your Life - Matt Cardle

Showcase on Contemporary Country Music.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20 - January 22, 2012

The Ting Tings break into the top 10 with "Hang It Up".

Mel's Weekly Top 20
Week of January 22, 2012.

This WeekTitleArtistLast Week
1Someone Like YouAdele2
2It Will RainBruno Mars1
3Red Solo CupToby Keith7
4Run For Your LifeMatt Cardle3
5Big In Japan (Single Edit)Martin Solveig ft Dragonette & Idoling6
6The One That Got AwayKaty Perry9
7Marry The NightLady GaGa8
9The WalkMayer Hawthorne10
10Hang It UpThe Ting Tings12
11MajorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour5
12When We Stand TogetherNickelback16
13SweeterGavin DeGraw14
14A Thousand YearsChristina Perri17
15Everybody TalksNeon Trees19
16StarlightMatt Cardle20
17In The DarkDev11
18Show Me The WayThe Cranberries13
19Heart AttackThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour--
20Do It Our Way (Play)Alesha Dixon--


Adele has hit the #1 position with her second single "Someone Like You". This song is a late comer to the Top 20 having peaked on many charts throughout the world. It is still listed on many others and remains a best selling single track in the online world. The track is taken from Adele's album 21.

Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup", a funny, party country song moves up another 4 points from #7 to #3 this week. Could Adele's run at #1 be short lived? Check this chart next week to see where Toby Keith goes.

The Ting Tings' make it into the top 10 with their latest track. Checking in at #10 up 2 is "Hang It Up". It's video appears below. Good song.

Chart debuts this week from Asteroids Galaxy Tour and their latest "Heart Attack" at #19 (with "Major" still on at #11) and Alesha Dixon with "Doing It Our Way (Play)" at #20. Looks like these 2 tracks could be big hits on this chart.


It Will Rain - Bruno Mars
Run For Your Life - Matt Cardle

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chaotic Five: Classic Rock Lives in Hawaii

Chaotic Five @ Ala Moana Center

There is hope rock still lives in the next generation. Caught a free Ala Moana Shopping Center concert featuring these pint size rockers who excel in musicianship and can belt out the classic rock tunes with the best of them. They're Chaotic Five, billed as Hawaii's youngest classic rock band.

Young they are. Most of them seem to be just around 10 years old... maybe younger. The songs they sing are decades older than they. Last night's set included covers of Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," Heart's "Barracuda," Guns n Roses' "Sweet Child O' Mine", Blondie's "Call Me" and Journey's "Separate Ways" and "Anyway You Want It". Wow. They rock.

Check the video links below:

More Links:

Chaotic Five on YouTube

Chaotic Five on Facebook

Friday, January 20, 2012

Cool New Song From The Shins

Press the PLAY button and listen to the new Shins single "Simple Song". Cool. Can't wait for their new album coming out in March.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20 - Week of January 15, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20
Week of January 15, 2012.

This WeekTitleArtistLast Week
1It Will Rain (2nd Week @ #1!)Bruno Mars1
2Someone Like YouAdele2
3Run For Your LifeMatt Cardle3
5MajorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour6
6Big In Japan (Single Edit)Martin Solveig ft Dragonette & Idoling8
7Red Solo CupToby Keith11
8Marry The NightLady GaGa10
9The One That Got AwayKaty Perry17
10The WalkMayer Hawthorne13
11In The DarkDev5
12Hang It UpThe Ting Tings14
13Show Me The WayThe Cranberries7
14SweeterGavin DeGraw15
15The Book Of Morris JohnsonZee Avi9
16When We Stand TogetherNickelback18
17A Thousand YearsChristina Perri20
18Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna12
19Everybody TalksNeon Trees--
20StarlightMatt Cardle--


Bruno Mars holds the #1 spot for the 2nd week with his latest hit, "It Will Rain". I don't know if it is the perfect song for the rainy season or not, but I am sure fame and fortune is not raining on Mars' career!

Big movers of the week include Toby Keith as his hit "Red Solo Cup" moves up 4 from #11 to break into the top 10 at #7. This is one of the most funny country songs I've heard.

Another big mover is Katy Perry. Her latest single off the Teenage Dream album moves up 8 points from #17 to #9 this week. Can this go to #1 as her last hit "Last Friday Night (TGIF)"?

Two songs make their debut on the top 20. The latest from Neon Trees bows in at #19 this week. Sounds like "Everybody Talks" could be another biggie for this rock group from Utah. Debuting at #20 is "Starlight" by Matt Cardle. It's his second single to make it to the top 20. His first, "Run For Your Life" peaked at #1 in December and is still on the chart this week at #3.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20 - January 8, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20
Week of January 8, 2012

This WeekTitleArtistLast Week
1It Will RainBruno Mars2
2Someone Like YouAdele3
3Run For Your LifeMatt Cardle1
5In The DarkDev5
6MajorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour7
7Show Me The WayThe Cranberries8
8Big In Japan (Single Edit)Martin Solveig ft Dragonette & Idoling9
9The Book Of Morris JohnsonZee Avi6
10Marry The NightLady GaGa11
11Red Solo CupToby Keith17
12Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna12
13The WalkMayer Hawthorne14
14Hang It UpThe Ting Tings16
15SweeterGavin DeGraw15
16Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)Foster The People10
17The One That Got AwayKaty Perry19
18When We Stand TogetherNickelback20
19Tainted LoveImelda May13
20A Thousand YearsChristina Perri--


Bruno Mars goes to #1 with his latest single "It Will Rain". The song moves up from #2 after spending several weeks there. Following Mars is Adele with her single "Someone Like You" which moves up one point from #3 to #2. Will she make it to #1? Her last single, "Rolling in the Deep" got only as far as #2 on the Weekly Top 20 last year. That song however dominated other charts for most of 2011.

Elsewhere on the chart most songs only got minimal upward movement, or none at all. The song that makes the most significant move up for the week is Toby Keith's novelty country tune, "Red Solo Cup", which in its 3rd week on this chart, bolts from #17 to #11. Top 10 is definite by next week. See the video below. It's funny.

The only debut song this week is by Christina Perri. It's called "A Thousand Years" and makes it at the #20 spot. Ms. Perri has enjoyed much chart success here. Her last charted single, "Jar of Hearts" got as high as #8 in 2010 and the follow-up single "Arms" did not make the top 20 last year.

Matt Cardle's "Run For Your Life" has dropped from #1 to #3. This should have been a bigger hit on other charts and U.S. radio. Unfortunately it has yet to click with U.S. audiences. Looks like the song may be on its way out.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Mel's Weekly Top 20 - January 1, 2012

Coldplay live on BBC 1. 2011. "Paradise" currently #4.

Mel's Weekly Top 20
Week of January 1, 2012.

Happy New Year. Welcome to the 2012 year of the Weekly Top 20.

This WeekTitleArtistLast Week
1Run For Your Life (3rd Week @ #1!)Matt Cardle1
2It Will RainBruno Mars2
3Someone Like YouAdele4
5In The DarkDev6
6The Book Of Morris JohnsonZee Avi5
7MajorThe Asteroids Galaxy Tour7
8Show Me The WayThe Cranberries8
9Big In Japan (Single Edit)Martin Solveig ft Dragonette & Idoling10
10Don't Stop (Color On The Walls)Foster The People9
11Marry The NightLady Gaga11
12Princess Of ChinaColdplay & Rihanna13
13Tainted LoveImelda May14
14The WalkMayer Hawthorne16
15SweeterGavin DeGraw15
16Hang It UpThe Ting Tings17
17Red Solo CupToby Keith20
18Pumped Up KicksFoster the People12
19The One That Got AwayKaty Perry--
20When We Stand TogetherNickelback--


Matt Cardle holds on to the #1 spot with "Run For Your Life" for a 3rd week in a row. Bruno Mars holds at #2 with "It Will Rain" for another week. Moving up to #3 we find Adele with "Someone Like You". Coldplay holds down the #4 song with their former #1 "Paradise," which also turned out to be the #1 song of the year on Mel's Weekly Top 20 Top 100 Hits of 2011 chart. Check it out.

Dev creeps into the top 5 with "In the Dark", up from last week's #6.

Most of the other songs on the chart notched small one or two point gains from the previous week.

The song that moves the most is "Red Solo Cup" by Toby Keith, a country song that moves from #20 to #17 this week. It's a fun song that crossed over from the country side.

Two debut songs include Katy's Perry's "The One That Got Away" at #19 while Nickelback bows in at #20 with "When We Stand Together".

Top 100
What were the top hits of 2011? Click the graphic above.