Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 100 of 2012 Countdown Part 5

Numbers 60 to 51

60 - Spectrum by Florence + The Machine - This is the only single that charted from Florence + The Machine’s 2012 album Ceremonials. The song was played more than 34 times on my iTunes, charted on the Weekly Top 20 for 9 weeks and peaked at #7.

59 - I Like Girls That Drink Beer by Toby Keith - Beer songs have been a recurring theme in country music for decades. This year Toby Keith crossed over twice into pop territory with two beer drinking songs. The first one is “I Like Girls That Drink Beer” which came out in late summer and made it as high on our weekly chart to #7. 

58 - The Book Of Morris Johnson by Zee Avi - Malaysian singer Zee Avi scored a big hit with “The Book of Morris Johnson” on this chart last year (2011). It dominated during the late summer, fall and winter of 2011 spanning a chart run of 17 weeks which pushed it to the end of December, peaking for 3 of those weeks at #2. It ended up being the 16th most popular song on the Top 100 of 2011. “Morris Johnson” continued to chart in the early part of 2012 spending an additional 3 weeks in January while on its downward slide. It was listed as high as #6 this year, hence its relatively high ranking of #58. Zee Avi records for Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records which is also the home to Bahamas who checked in at #70 on this countdown.

57 - Christmas In The Sand by Colbie Caillat - Very few Christmas songs have made it to the chart over the years. This is one of them. Colbie Caillat continues with her bright, tropical flared music, offering us this Christmas ditty that will be a recurring yule time classic. Off the album of the same title, Colbie took this to #6 for a week where it is still being charted at the end of 2012.

56 - That's Why God Made The Radio by The Beach Boys - Talking about breezy, how about the sun, surf and the breeze? The Beach Boys, a perennial hit making rock n roll group well known for the “surfing sound” since the 1960s were back in 2012 with a new album, this hit single and Brian Wilson at the helm. “That’s Why God Made the Radio” recalls days at the beach, cruising in your rod and listening to the hit songs on top 40 radio.

55 - Only the Horses by Scissor Sisters - Are there any sisters in the rock group Scissor Sisters? I checked. The answer is a big resounding “no”. The group derives their name from “the lesbian sexual act tribadism”. Whatever that is... yuck! Anyway the band is comprised of 4 guys and 1 woman and have been around since at least 2001. “Only the Horses” was the band’s latest single to chart, peaking at #6.

54 - My Heart Goes Boom by Miss Li - Miss Li shot to prominence in 2009 when her song “Bourgeois Shangri-La” was used in an Apple iPod commercial and became a hit on Mel’s Weekly Top 20. She came back this year with “My Heart Goes Boom” a single that only got minimal airplay in Europe and nothing in America. I liked the song enough to have it chart for several weeks peaking at #6 and ending up at #54 for 2012.

53 - Tonight Is The Night by Outasight - Outasight is the stage name of Richard Andrew an American singer and hip-hop artist who had a hit with this record. Got as high as #6 and ends up at #53 on the Top 100 Hits of 2012.

52 - Starships by Nicki Minaj - I am not much into rap music or even dance music these days. However this one crossed the line into mainstream popularity and became a huge hit on the major charts all over the world. The video looks like it was partly filmed in Hawaii and features Polynesian dancers and a funky sci-fi like motif. Nicki Minaj is one of those black chicks who likes to project a sexy image (see the video at the top of this posting)... and like many of her songs this one does not stop short in that category. For 2012 “Starships” checks in at #52.

51 - Major by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - This record by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour came out in late 2011 and hung around long enough in 2012 to be listed on the Top 100. “Major” is a good song but not as good as some of their previous hits or the follow-up single “Heart Attack” that is listed higher on this countdown.

And with that song, we are now exactly at the half way point in this blog countdown of the Top 100 Hits of 2012. We got 50 more to go. Check again tomorrow!

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