Sunday, December 23, 2012

Top 100 of 2012 Countdown Part 1

Numbers 100 to 91

Starting today until we get to #1 I am proud to countdown and comment on the first 10 songs that have made it to Mel's Weekly Top 20 Top 100 Hits of 2012 list. So let the countdown start as we head off to #1.

100 - One Life by James Morrison. This song was played a few times on BBC Radio #2. It never played on any station in the U.S. or locally that I know of. Still a good, mellow ballad with no U.S. airplay. James Morrison is not the same guy who used to sing for The Doors nor is he James Blunt who I confused him for when I first heard this.

99 - Primadonna by Marina and the Diamonds. This song probably could have done better on my chart, but it did not. It is a great pop song but got only high as #13 after a 6-week run. In 2010 Marina went to #53 on the year end chart with her debut hit "Hollywood". That record peaked at #7.

98 - It's Only Life by The Shins. In 2007 The Shins scored a huge hit on the Weekly Top 20 with "Phantom Limb". The song went to #1 and held that position for 5 weeks making it good enough to become #1 for the year on the 2007 chart. This was The Shins' first big hit after being on the indie scene for several years. In 2012 The Shins were back with a new member line-up and new album Port of Morrow. The beautiful "It's Only Life" was the 2nd single from the album peaking at #13 on the Weekly Top 20.

97 - Free by Haley Reinhart - Nationally this went nowhere. I liked it. Good enough to land at #13 on the weekly chart and end up at #97 for 2012. Reinhart was a finalist in the American Idol TV series.

96 - Settle Down by No Doubt - Gwen Stefani and her group No Doubt was supposed to make this huge comeback in 2012 after not having released an album for more than 10 years. Their comeback single was no "Hella Good" -- totally missed the mark.... "Settle Down" lasted only a few weeks on the Weekly Top 20 and peaked at #12. For the year it gets #96. Two follow-up singles did not click for me. Gwen, try something that is more like the old No Doubt.

95 - It's Only Love by Matt Cardle - 2012 was a good year for British singer Matt Cardle. He placed 3 songs in the 2012 Top 100 Hits. This is the first one, his latest release. Peaked at #12 after a 5 week stay on the chart.

94 - I Could Be A King by The Dunwells - offers a lot of free music by new and upcoming artists. This group reminds me of Mumford & Sons. This single is in the same type of folk-roots-rock vein as Mumford. Good song, and may still be going up the chart by year's end. Peaked so far at #12.

93 - Oh Love by Green Day - Here is another major rock group single that missed the mark for me. "Oh Love" is the only single from Green Day's ambitious but ignored (by me) 3 album set Uno! Dos! Tre! The single was not radio friendly and did not motivate me to sink money into 3 albums that probably all sound the same. I liked some of their earlier albums, but these I'll pass.

92 - Everybody Talks by Neon Trees - Utah rockers Neon Trees had a huge hit in 2010 with "Animal". Their latest hit single "Everybody Talks" received a lot of radio airplay, racked up sales but did not do much for me. Peaked at #12 on my weekly chart and settles at #92 for 2012.

91 - Princess of China by Coldplay featuring Rihanna - An unusual pairing here, but mega rockers Coldplay managed to get a hit out of this single which is from their 2011 album Mylo Xyloto.

And there we have it, the first installment of the Top 200 Hits of 2012 countdown. Check back tomorrow for numbers 90 to 81.

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