Monday, December 24, 2012

Top 100 of 2012 Countdown Part 2

Numbers 90 to 81

As we head into the new year, we recap the Top 100 Hits of 2012. Today songs #90 to #81.

90 - Guardian by Alanis Morissette - Alanis will forever be associated with the angst driven rock of Jagged Little Pill that first made her famous in 1995 and 1996. I will always remember her #1 hit "Ironic" which stormed up the charts in 1996 and became her signature song for all time. After that a string of lesser hits, Alanis sort of disappeared until resurfacing in 2012 with this hit single "Guardian". While not up to "Ironic" standards or bliss, this song was good enough to go to #12 for a couple of weeks and end up at #90 for the year.

89 - Doom and Gloom by The Rolling Stones - Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest of The Rolling Stones have been churning out hits for more than 40 years. They first charted way back in 1964 and exploded into the music scene with the original British Invasion by topping the charts with "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" in 1965. From then on as they say, it's history. For 2012 the Rolling Stones came back with "Doom and Gloom" a new single that launched a new compilation album as well as a new concert tour. The guys are all pushing 70 and beyond but this song shows that they can still rock. "Doom and Gloom" peaked at #12 on the Weekly Top 20 for 2 weeks and stayed on the chart for 7.

88Love Will Set You Free by Engelbert Humperdinck - 76-year old Engelbert Humperdinck recorded this comeback single for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. He entered on behalf of his home country and came in nearly last @ 25th place in the May 2012 competition. The song got some airplay on British radio, charted on the Weekly Top 20 and settled at #11 for a week before falling off. Humperdinck is a crooner best known for the hits "Release Me" and "After the Loving".

87Leave The Lights On by Meiko - Indie artist Meiko was an internet sensation when she released her first album and single "Boys With Girlfriends" in 2008. That track went all the way to #1 on the Weekly Top 20 and ended the year at #17 on the Top 100. This year Meiko came back with a cooking video, a new album and "Leave the Lights On" that checks in at #87 on the Top 100 Hits of 2012 chart.

86Dancin' Away With My Heart by Lady Antebellum - One of several singles from Lady Antebellum's 2011 album Own the Night. This track stayed on the chart for 6 weeks, peaking at #11.

85Charlie Brown by Coldplay - This was the 4th single to chart off Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto album.

84Good Feeling by Flo Rida - While this track peaked only as high as #11 this year, the song turned out to be one of my most played tracks on iTunes for 2012. It's a rap song by seasoned veteran Flo Rida that has a good medley. The track also appeared in a Buick commercial. Got it from the Now 42 compilation album. See the video at the top of this post.

83I Feel Love by Shannon Hurley - I follow Shannon Hurley on my Twitter feed. She is a very active indie artist that has over the years put out music spanning various genres including alternative, folk, pop, trance, electronic and now disco. I could not resist her cover of Donna Summer's 1977 hit "I Feel Love". Hurley's version is a near carbon copy of the Summer hit. Love it.

82Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men - "Little Talks" is one of those freebie tracks that I got from iTunes in early January of this year. For the most part of the year, the track just sat in my iTunes library, unplayed. However by mid November I noticed it was listed on a variety of music charts... I decided to check it out again. In time "Little Talks" grew on me; made it to the Top 20 where it has so far peaked at #11 and is still going up, perhaps overlapping into 2013.

81Born to Die by Lana Del Rey - I don't see what the appeal of Lana Del Rey is to the masses. Sure she has a handful of good songs off her supposedly debut album. I think "Born to Die" was one of those free tracks given away by Apple's iTunes store, and what the heck, I download these weekly and even listen to them. Some like this one charted high enough to make it to #81 in the Top 100 Hits of 2012 chart.

So for now there you have it on the day before Christmas. I counted down 20 of the hits that made it to the Top 100 Hits of 2012 chart. On Christmas day I'll recap numbers 80 to 71. Have a safe and Merry Christmas.

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