Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top 100 of 2012 Countdown Part 4

Numbers 70 to 61

This is the 4th part of the Countdown of the Top 100 Hits of 2012 on this blog. As we continue we cover hits in positions 61 to 70. And now on with the countdown.

70 - Caught Me Thinking by Bahamas - I never heard of the singer who calls himself Bahamas until I downloaded the free (from Brushfire Records Best of 2012 Sampler album. Bahamas real name is Afie Jurvanen. Brushfire Records is the label owned by Jack Johnson who of course had a number of hits chart including the #1 hit “Upside Down” in 2006. “Caught Me Thinking” as far as I know has not become a mass market hit. However it did chart on Mel’s Weekly Top 20. It had a chart run of 10 weeks and peaked at #9, enough to give it standing as the 70th most popular song of the year for me.

69 - My Oh My by Tristan Prettyman - Newcomer Tristan Prettyman racked up enough weeks with this track to make it to #69 of the year. This song peaked at #8 for a week on the Weekly Top 20.

68 - Dance With Me Tonight by Olly Murs - Olly Murs seems to be enjoying success in the UK as “Dance With Me Tonight” got a lot of airplay on the BBC and other British radio stations. It also charted fairly high in the UK too. Here in America, I don’t think this track amounted to much. On my chart Olly stayed on for 10 weeks and peaked at #8.

67 - Now Is the Start by A Fine Frenzy - A Fine Frenzy is not really the name of a band, but instead is the adopted name by singer-songwriter / pianist Alison Sudol. Under her monicker, Sudol has released 3 albums, her most recent Pines featuring the single “Now is the Start”. As a late arrival to Mel’s Weekly Top 20, the song has piled up a chart run of 8 weeks so far, stopping at #8 as of the time of this compilation, and could go even higher as we move into 2013.

66 - Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato - Ms. Lovato first appeared on the Weekly Top 20 last year with “Skyscraper” which charted at #67 on the Top 100 Hits of 2011. This year she did one position better as “Give Your Heart a Break” charts at #66 on the Top 100 Hits of 2012.

65 - A Thousand Years by Christina Perri - In 2010 Christina Perri hit the charts with her debut hit “Jar of Hearts” which ended up at #60 on the year end chart. This year, Perri was back with “A Thousnand Years” a track that enjoyed success for most of the year coming back as a second version by year end. The original version peaked at #8 for a couple of weeks this year, good enough to land at #65 for 2012.

64 - Show Me The Way by The Cranberries - The Cranberries are an alternative rock band that enjoyed huge success in the 1990s releasing several albums and singles including the hits “Dreams”, “Linger”, “Zombie”, “Salvation”, “Ode to my Family” and “When You’re Gone” throughout that decade. After 1999 the group stopped recording and pretty much fell off the face of the planet. In late 2011 they released “Show Me The Way” which charted late that year and pushed into 2012 getting as high as #7. When the single appeared on their new album Roses, the title was shortened to “Show Me”. I am happy to know The Cranberries are recording new music. Hope to hear more in 2013 and beyond.

63 - Marry The Night by Lady GaGa - This was the last single to chart from Lady GaGa’s 2011 album Born This Way. The single peaked at #7 after a 5 week run. Ms. GaGa did not release any new music for 2012.

62 - I Make My Own Sunshine by Alyssa Bonagura - What a love about this song is that a ukelele is used as one of the main instruments that gives the track a breezy and cheery feel. Makes me feel happy. “I Make My Own Sunshine” was used in a Lowes’ commercial. Still it is a good song that charted on the Weekly Top 20 peaking as high as #7 and landing the #62 spot on this year’s Top 100.

61 - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye by Train - “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” was the follow-up single to Train’s #1 hit “Drive By”. It charted for 8 weeks getting as high as #7 and securing the #61 spot on the Top 100 Hits of 2012 chart. The track also appears on their album California 37.

With that we wrap another day at the Top 100 for 2012. Tomorrow we cover tracks #60 to #51.

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