Friday, December 1, 2023

Best of 2023: Mel’s Spotify Wrap

 Spotify Wrap 2023

I became a paid Spotify subscriber after using the service off and on in the free ad supported tier since 2011. What prompted me to subscribe to Spotify is the fact that they have a very deep and up to date library of more than 90 million songs, many of which I will never listen to.

I love the fact that I can create as many custom playlists as I want to on Spotify and share them with anyone with the link or an embed to a website. I have more than 250 playlists that cover many music genres and eras. Check them out at my Spotify Profile page.

Like last year, Spotify issued their annual "Spotify Wrap" which is a compilation of the most played tracks from their library to my username macprohawaii. For 2023 my top 5 artists were 1. The Beatles 2. Ed Sheeran 3. Lewis Capaldi 4. The Rolling Stones and 5. Taylor Swift. "Angry" by The Rolling Stones was my most played song on Spotify.

Here for your listening pleasure is my Spotify Wrap playlist and brief stats.

Spotify Wrap playlist for 2023:

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