Monday, October 19, 2009

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a new band from Denmark that has been recording since 2008. They released two singles last year, the most famous being "Around the Bend" which was featured on an Apple iPod commercial. Shortly afterward the band caught my attention and I bought their two track EP which featured "Bend" as well as the single "The Sun Ain't Shining No More." Both songs hit Mel's Weekly Top 20 with "Around the Bend" going to number 1 and staying there for 3 weeks. It ended up as my 8th most favorited song on my Top 100 Hits of 2008 chart.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour are back this year with a new single and a new album. Fruit is their new album that has already been released in Europe and will be released in the U.S. on October 27. The first single is "The Golden Age" and features the vocals of lead singer Mette Lindberg as has been with the band's 2 previous hits. She's an acquired taste much like perhaps, Stevie Nicks. "The Golden Age" is a catchy song with a wonderful video that I think is one of the best for 2009. "The Golden Age" debuts at #19 on Mel's Weekly Top 20. Enjoy it here:

Keep in mind that over time, YouTube or the publisher of embedded videos may pull their content off of the service.

That all said here are the Top 20 Hits of the Week from Mel's Weekly Top 20 chart:

Week of October 18, 2009.

This Week - Song Title - Artist - Last Week

1. Second Chance (2nd week @ #1!)  - Shinedown - 1
2. The Other Side - AM - 3
3. Never Forget You - Noisettes - 2
4. People Are Crazy - Billy Currington - 5
5. City On Our Knees - Tobymac - 6
6. Celebration (Album Version) - Madonna - 4
7. Bulletproof - La Roux - 13
8. Heaven Can Wait - We the Kings - 8
9. Say Hey (I Love You) - Michael Franti & Spearhead featuring Cherine Anderson - 10
10. Bourgeois Shangri-La - Miss Li - 12
11. Fallin' For You - Colbie Caillat - 7
12. We Are Golden - Mika - 14
13. Next In Line - Meese - 15
14. Sweet Silver Lining - Kate Voegele - 16
15. All The Right Moves - OneRepublic - 18
16. She's Got a Boyfriend Now - Boys Like Girls - 9
17. Don't Upset The Rhythm (Go Baby Go) - Noisettes - 20
18. I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas - 11
19. The Golden Age - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - new
20. I Keep Falling - Lovers and Poets - new

CHART NOTES: Focus on Indie Artists & Tracks

Looking over my chart and comparing it to charts from the industry and others, I find that many of my current songs are not in the mainstream. Among those are the following:

I Keep Falling - Lovers and Poets: Lead singer Shannon Hurley is quite popular on the indie music website I heard this song and 2 others there and love all of em. Debuts at #20.

Don't Upset the Rhythm (Go Baby Go) - Noisettes: Not a staple on American charts or radio, this is actually quite old. It went to #2 in the UK, #17 here. The follow-up single "Never Forget You" barely dented domestic charts. It went #1 here and currently sits at #3.

Sweet Silver Lining - Kate Voegele: I can't figure out why she is not popular on radio at all. She has a solid album full of radio friendly songs. "Sweet Silver Lining" is one of them. Currently at #14 up from #16.

Next in Line - Meese: This is one of those Apple iTunes giveaways. Got it a few weeks ago. I like it. Good enough to place at #13.

Bourgeois Shangri-La - Miss Li: This song is featured on the 5th generation iPod Nano commercial from Apple. Like previous iPod songs, this track is very catchy and should be a hit. Currently at #10.

City on Our Knees - tobyMac: OK, so this song is out of the mainstream but very popular in the Contemporary Christian music market. It's #1 on iTunes. #5 on my chart. Great song.

Bulletproof - LaRoux: This techno alt dance track is really catchy. Was a hit also in the UK. I love it and got it for free from Apple. Yes, they do occasionally give away good free music on iTunes. This one is coming on strong fast, in its third week already at #7.

The Other Side - AM: I have no idea what AM's real name is, but he is quite active on Twitter and has his own blog. Reports airplay of his songs from various regions. I like his album Future Sons & Daughters, which is a good mix of catchy sounding pop-rock. Radio stations everywhere ought to be playing this and other tracks from AM. A good fit for CHR. #2 this week on Mel's Weekly Top 20.

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