Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Volebeats

I hate it when I find new music that I know I will like by a band I never heard of only to learn that they have been around for months, or in this case years. The Volebeats are such a band. They hail from Detroit, Michigan and have apparently been making a blend of alternative country rock music since at least the late 1980s.

I found them today after offered one of the tracks from their latest album, "The Volebeats" as a free download. I love the new song "Me and You". I will probably get their new album soon if I can find a reasonably priced CD. If not, then opt for the MP3s.

Meanwhile I searched some of the music websites and found selections from previous albums on GrooveShark which I promptly put together in the play list featured below. There are 8 songs. I also went to YouTube and did find a couple of videos there. One of those videos is embedded above.

So far the song that has grown on me the fastest is "In the Garden".

One thing for sure, this band has certainly been under the radar. They barely have a MySpace presence, just started a Facebook page and have no Wikipedia entry at all. This and being together "off and on" for more than 10, maybe 20 years. Wow.

From Bloodshot Records, the label describes The Volebeats:

"As much myth as institution in the Motor City, The Voles have been around since the late 80's and, like their namesake, are hard to track down, disappear for long periods of time, and remain totally loveable.

Sure, they've got the twang, but they infuse it with some serious Brian Wilson lushness and pop smarts. With Jeff Oakes' lazy, forlorn vocals and guitarist/vocalist Matt Smith's (Outrageous Cherry) bountiful knowledge and love of all good music as the constants (virtually everyone in Detroit has been a Volebeat at one time or another), The Volebeats managed to elude widespread success despite writing and performing some the of most supple and catchy music since Pet Sounds."

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