Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Local Music Pictures From Hawaii

The slide show shown above are pictures I shot at various live venues in Hawaii, mainly in Honolulu over the past few years. I don't go out to many live concerts mainly because of the cost. However there are plenty of free or nearly free live music opportunities to listen to and photograph some of Hawaii's most popular and upcoming talents around.

As most people know, Hawaii has a large "homegrown" music industry here consisting of tourist oriented hula shows, a traditional Hawaiian music recording industry and the popular "island music" genre populated by artists who mix Hawaiian music in with reggae, R & B, and rock n roll. There is also plenty of rock, country, alternative, pop, jazz and island grown hip hop music artists that don't get as much mainstream exposure in the islands as mainstream Hawaiian and "island music" styles.

Then there are parades and sports activities where marching bands are common, the most well known being the City & County of Honolulu's Royal Hawaiian Band. They play at various venues including concerts, mall appearances, schools, grand openings and parades. The University of Hawaii Rainbow Marching Band is also popular making appearances at most home football and basketball games. They recently recorded a video of the "Hawaii Five-0" theme song which you can view a few posts below this one.

There are many public and private grade school and high school marching bands added to this colorful mix too. The bands perform at various events including concerts, sporting events and parades.

Lastly in the area of fine arts, the Honolulu Symphony is on hiatus with the status of its return doubtful as the organization is mired in a long and bitter bankruptcy procedure.

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