Friday, November 6, 2009

New Music of Note

The following embedded tracks and videos are some of the new and current music that I am listening to this week.

MISS LI - I Heard of a Girl - A bittersweet tune of an outcast girl.

MISS LI - Oh Boy - from a few years ago, a song that looks like fun.

From THE SIXTY-ONE Music site, the following tracks have been recently favorited:

The Agency: "Bumpers"

AM "The Other Side" - went to #2 on Mel's Weekly Top 20
Buy AM's album Future Sons & Daughters - one of my favorite albums of 2009.

Lovers & Poets - " I Keep Falling" featuring Shannon Hurley
I think they have an album upcoming in 2010.

Shannon Hurley - Beg Steal Borrow - great new track... love it!

Tiffany Desrosiers
- Alone

Asteroids Galaxy Tour
- The Golden Age - burning up my chart at #3 this week.

Caitlin Hart - Seven Minutes

Listen to more indie songs by selecting the Digital 45 player to the right. Be sure to listen to the full length albums posted on the right hand column.

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