Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fight For the Future - Time to Stop SOPA - Again

Once again our digital rights are in jeopardy. From the Fight for the Future site:

Here’s an update on the new SOPA proposal. More than 30,000 people have already signed our petition to stop the new SOPA before it spreads. We need to get to 50,000 signatures before we deliver it to Obama next week. Only you can make that happen. Forward this email to everyone you know, and use the buttons to share:
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Thanks to you, and tens of thousands of others who have already taken action, we’re hearing from our friends in DC that this latest attempt at internet censorship isn’t gaining a lot of traction.
But there are powerful interests who are spending millions of lobbying dollars to get SOPA-like legislation back on the table. We need to send a clear message to Obama *right now* that SOPA is not even an option to be discussed. 
You can also share on Tumblr or Google+. Keep in touch with us. With the help of people like you we’ve been winning campaigns left and right to defend our basic rights and keep the Internet free. From CISPA to NSA surveillance to broken copyright laws, we’re fighting round the clock for your digital freedoms

Glad to have you on the team,
-Tiffiniy Cheng and Evan Greer
Fight for the Future

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