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45 RPM Heaven - Grand Funk Railroad - We're An American Band

We're An American Band

Grand Funk Railroad's "We're An American Band" was a loud, perfect rock n roll record. It was so great that it became their first #1 hit single. In 1973 this record certainly caught my attention as top 40 radio stations picked up on this song all over the place. They had a huge following for their live arena shows and had several albums that feature many rock anthems including "I'm Your Captain/Closer to Home," and "Inside Looking Out."

Many probably felt Grand Funk Railroad sold out with this highly commercial hit. Crass commercialism at its best signified the release of "We're An American Band." Capitol, Grand Funk's label probably felt so confident that this would be their breakthrough hit, issued the 45 on clear gold vinyl. It is one of the most beautiful looking records that I have in my collection.

Prior to the release of the "We're An American Band" single, Grand Funk did hit the charts with lower scoring records such as "Footstompin' Music," "Upsetter" and "Rock n Roll Soul".

Grand Funk Railroad followed "We're An American Band" with several more hit singles. These included "Walk Like A Man," "The Locomotion" which also went to #1, "Some Kind of Wonderful," "Shining On," and "Bad Time." They disbanded a few years after "Bad Time" charted.

The band has since regrouped with a new line-up in recent years.

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AVAILABILITY: Widely available on various compilations as well as on Grand Funk Railroad's reissue of the "We're An American Band" album. CD and digital editions.

Grand Funk Railroad

"We're An American Band" b/w "Creepin'"
Produced by Todd Rundgren | Written by Don Brewer
Capitol | 3660 Stereo | Year of release: 1973

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