Sunday, March 14, 2010

Taikojuku Miyako Drummers at Ala Moana

Shot video and photos of this Taiko drumming group from Japan. The performance was set in conjunction with the week long Honolulu Festival that has been going on in Honolulu celebrating Asian and Pacific culture in Hawaii. The Taiko drums were one of several events that occurred around town to commemorate the event. Honolulu Festival is supposed to conclude today with a parade in Waikiki.

is a type of several Japanese drums, used in recent years in ensemble casts such as the Taikojuku Miyako group who did this performance.

The pictures and video were shot at Ala Moana Shopping Center's "Centerstage" area, a place where frequent, free musical performances take place. Ala Moana Shopping Center maintains a Centerstage performance schedule at their website.

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